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Periodontology, Oral Surgery, Esthetic and Implant Dentistry (the POSEID disciplines) are strongly interconnected clinical and research fields. These dental disciplines are currently very active and the source of development of many new techniques and technologies.

The Periodontology, Oral Surgery, Esthetic and Implant Dentistry Organization (POSEIDO) is a non-profit international scientific organization, developed as a forum for the promotion of education and research in the fields of periodontal sciences, oral and cranio-maxillofacial surgery and medicine, esthetic and restorative dentistry, with a particular interest in implant dentistry, and related research.

Based in Geneva (Switzerland), the POSEIDO gathers academic departments and scientific societies from 40 countries. The majority of the partners are coming from the dental and maxillofacial field, but some are also from orthopedics, material sciences or other scientific disciplines interconnected with the POSEID research topics (e.g. bone implantable materials, bone regenerative medicine strategies), in order to promote transversal translational research.

The main purpose of the POSEIDO is to create links between international research teams, to organize our international research community and to develop a neutral international platform for the publication of debates, consensus conferences and original research articles in the fast-growing and evolving fields of the POSEID disciplines.

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