Founding Partners

The POSEIDO Founding Partners are the major scientific societies supporting the POSEIDO Consortium and participating actively in the development of the POSEIDO Community. These scientific societies are key platforms for continuing education and for development and diffusion of scientific knowledge. Several of them are already on the cover page of each issue of the POSEIDO Journal, while others remain still invisible.

Information about these major stakeholders, their activities and their projects prepared for the POSEIDO Community is gathered and exposed in the following POSEIDO webpages. These webpages are designed for an easier diffusion of this information through the POSEIDO global Community and to support international cooperation.

Step by step, each major scientific society supporting the POSEIDO Consortium will have a personalized webpage in the Common House, to share its projects, debates and masterpieces (for example an open-access ebook, such as the ABROSS ebook below) with the POSEIDO global Community, and to share information about its main events and conventions.

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The ABROSS (Academia Brasileira de Osseointegração - Brazilian Academy of Osseointegration, São Paulo, SP, Brazil) is one of the largest scientific societies related to periodontology and implant dentistry in Brazil and in South America. Lead by a group of renowned clinicians and researchers - particularly Prof. Sergio Jayme and Prof. Jamil Shibli - the ABROSS is a major stakeholder in the field.

Coordinated and prepared by the leaders of this society, the ABROSS open-access ebook (first edition, in English) about implant-supported restorations in the anterior area, from the planification to the execution, will be soon freely available for download on this webpage. This major contribution is organized as a community work and is a Brazilian roundtable masterpiece on the esthetic and functional treatment of the anterior area.

The 2015 major ABROSS Congress (organized in 2015 in partnership with other major South American groups) is planned from September 30th to October 3rd, 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil. More information and contact can be found on the official webpage of the Congress.

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